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Jennifer David » Technology, Engineering & Design

Technology, Engineering & Design

Techies at THS! 

Unit 1: Technological Inventions and Innovations

Lesson 1.1 Inventions and Innovations

Lesson 1.2 Technological Effects on New Processes

Lesson 1.3 Advertising and Marketing Effects on Technology

Lesson 1.4 Role of Research and Development


Unit 2: Technology Changes History

Lesson 2.1 Society and the Environment

Lesson 2.2 Technology Through Time


Unit 3: Systems

Lesson 3.1 Core Technologies

Lesson 3.2 Systems Model

Lesson 3.3 Reverse Engineering

Lesson 3.4 Troubleshooting


Unit 4: Design

Lesson 4.1 Design Principles

Lesson 4.2 Design Process

Lesson 4.3 Criteria and Constraints

Lesson 4.4 Prototypes and Modelling

Lesson 4.5 Collecting and Processing Information

Lesson 4.6 Applying the Design Process and Documentation


Unit 5: The Designed World

Lesson 5.1 Energy and Power

Lesson 5.2 Manufacturing

Lesson 5.3 Construction

Lesson 5.4 Information and Communication

Lesson 5.5 Agriculture and Transportation

Lesson 5.6 Telemedicine


Optional Unit:

Unit 6: Integrated Transportation Systems (NASA)

Lesson 6.1 Space Exploration

Lesson 6.2 Intermodal Transportation

Lesson 6.3 Transportation Cycle

Lesson 6.4 Decision Making and Management