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Christi Carpenter » Introduction To Culinary Arts

Introduction To Culinary Arts

In Intro to Culinary Arts we use a program sponsored by the National Restaurant Association ,Serv Safe. It promotes safety and sanitation in the ktichen in restaurants and in our school lab,.The students learn about the Big Six, the most severe and contagious food borne illnesses that may be contracted through foods or through food service workers. The students have the opportunity to learn about the flow of foods from farming to serving food.First aid is a must in the kitchen, knowing what to do and how to do it can prevent serious accidents.Of course we cannot have a course without a little math thrown in, we learn to measure with standard measuring equipment  we half and double recipe amounts, and learn equivalents We learn a little French along the way, say Garde Manger. Garde Manger is cold food production, the production of  sandwiches, salads, and cold desserts. Bon Apetit !