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Mr. Andrew Clement » Core and Sustainable Construction

Core and Sustainable Construction

Core and Sustainable Construction


Andrew Clement, Instructor

Room: V2 and Shop

Phone: 336-474-4277





The NCCER Core Curriculum is a prerequisite to other Level 1 craft curriculum. It is a classroom heavy model with various assessment tools. Students will also have the opportunity to work in the wood shop.  The modules cover the topics of Basic Safety, Construction Math, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Construction Drawings, Basic Communication Skills, Basic Employability Skills, and "Your Role in the Green Environment."  Completing this curriculum gives the trainee the basic skills needed to continue his/her education in any craft they choose.



  • Students will leave this course with the Basic Safety skills for construction trades
  • Students will leave this course with the knowledge of Construction Math skills
  • Students will leave this course with the skills and confidence to correctly identify and use hand and power tools
  • Students will leave this course with the skills and confidence to continue woodworking as a personal hobby
  • Students will leave this course with the skills and confidence to maintain their personal property



  • Develop a good work ethic
  • Maintain an image of professionalism
  • Conduct themselves respectfully
  • Work safely under all situations
  • Recognize and use tools and procedures necessary for job application
  • Work with other employees and alone when needed
  • Complete task in proper steps to finish job
  • Complete job with pride



100 – 90 A

89 – 80 B

79 – 70 C

69 – 60 D

59 or less F




Participation 25 points

Preparedness 25 points

Safety 25 points

Class Work 25 points


***Daily grades will be averaged and entered on a weekly basis



Test 30%

Weekly Grade 25%

Accountability 25%

Homework 10%

Quiz 10%




Lecture, PowerPoint, Video’s, handouts/worksheets and demonstration



Module 00101-09 Basic Safety 15 hours

Module 00102-09 Introduction to Construction Math 15 hours

Module 00103-09 Introduction to Hand Tools  5 hours

Module 00104-09 Introduction to Power Tools 10 hours

Module 00105-09 Introduction to Blueprints  8 hours

Module 00109-09 Material Handling  5 hours

Module 00107-09 Basic Communication Skills  5 hours

Module 00108-09 Basic Employability Skills  8 hours

Module 70101-09 Your Role in the Green Environment 15 hours


Additional Time has been built into this course to provide teacher and students increased lab time



There will be a variety of pre-test, quizzes, module completion and assessment


Students are required achieve a score of 70% or more on each module test to receive NCCER Certification. Students who do not achieve a score of 70% may retake the module test as many times as needed to reach a 70% score. They must wait a minimum of 48 hours before retaking any module test.


****Students who do not receive an NCCER Certification will not be eligible to take Carpentry 1, regardless of the class average



Classroom Expectations


  1. Be on time, ready to work and learn everyday
  2. Bring your own pen/pencil and notebook
  3. Show respect for the teacher and fellow students
  4. ZERO tolerance on cell phones
  5. Follow all directions from the teacher and group leaders
  6. No computer games or websites not related to this course
  7. Work and Study diligently in order to earn your course credential


Shop Expectations


  1. Practice Safety First, Safety Last, Safety ALL THE TIME
  2. Pay attention to the teacher during all demonstrations and instructions
  3. Be aware of your surroundings and work in progress
  4. ZERO tolerance on horseplay or messing around of any kind
  5. Do your part to keep the shop clean and organized everyday
  6. Know how to use equipment before using it - ask if you don’t know
  7. Take time to practice your skills in order to earn your course credential