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Mr. Andrew Clement » Carpentry I & II

Carpentry I & II

Carpentry Level I & II


Andrew Clement, Instructor

Room: V2 and Shop

Phone: 336.474.4277





The intent of this course is to teach the students the history of the construction trade, building materials, different fasteners and adhesives, hand and power tools and reading plans and elevations. It also describes the apprentice program and career opportunities. The course will follow the NCCER modules for: Orientation to the Trade, Building Materials, Fasteners and Adhesives, Hand and Power Tools, Reading Plans and Elevations, Apply Roof Framing, Apply Roof Applications, Understand Thermal and Moisture Protection, Introduction to Weatherization, Apply Exterior Finishing, and Apply Window and Exterior Door Installation



    • Communicate effectively
    • Integrate technology
    • Learn effectively
    • Demonstrate cooperative teamwork skills
    • Apply safety in the workplace
    • Think critically and creatively
    • Demonstrate responsible work ethics



  • Develop a good work ethic
  • Maintain an image of professionalism
  • Conduct themselves respectfully
  • Work safely under all situations
  • Recognize and use tools and procedures necessary for job application
  • Work with other employees and alone when needed
  • Complete task in proper steps to finish job
  • Complete job with pride



100 – 90 A

89 – 80 B

79 – 70 C

69 – 60 D

59 or less F




Participation 25 points

Preparedness 25 points

Safety 25 points

Class Work 25 points

***Daily grades will be averaged and entered on a weekly basis



Test 30%

Weekly Grade 25%

Accountability 25%

Homework 10%

Quiz 10%



Lecture, PowerPoint, Video’s, handouts/worksheets and demonstration



Module 27101-06 Orientation to the Trade            2.5 hours

Module 27102-06 Building Materials, Fasteners and Adhesives        12.5 hours

Module 27103-06 Apply Hand and Power Tools 10 hours

Module 27104-06 Reading Plans and Elevations 20 hours

Module 27108-06 Intro to Concrete, Reinforcing Materials and Forms  5 hours

Module 27105-06 Floor System Construction   25 hours

Module 27106-06 Wall and Ceiling Framing Procedures        12.5 hours

Module 27110-06 Basic Stair Layout   20 hours

Module 27107-06 Apply Roof Framing Procedures        37.5 hours

Module 27202-06 Apply Roofing Applications 25 hours

Module 27203-07 Thermal and Moisture Protection          7.5 hours

Module 59101-10     Introduction to Weatherization        17.5 hours

Module 27204-07 Apply Exterior Finishing        12.5 hours

Module 27109-06 Apply Windows and Doors 35 hours


Additional Time has been built into this course to provide teacher and students increased lab time



There will be a variety of pre-test, quizzes, module completion and assessment


Students are required achieve a score of 70% or more on each module test to receive NCCER Certification. Students who do not achieve a score of 70% may retake the module test as many times as needed to reach a 70% score. They must wait a minimum of 48 hours before retaking any module test.


Classroom Expectations


  1. Be on time, ready to work and learn everyday
  2. Bring your own pen/pencil and notebook
  3. Show respect for the teacher and fellow students
  4. ZERO tolerance on cell phones
  5. Follow all directions from the teacher and group leaders
  6. No computer games or websites not related to this course
  7. Work and Study diligently in order to earn your course credential


Shop Expectations


  1. Practice Safety First, Safety Last, Safety ALL THE TIME
  2. Pay attention to the teacher during all demonstrations and instructions
  3. Be aware of your surroundings and work in progress
  4. ZERO tolerance on horseplay or messing around of any kind
  5. Do your part to keep the shop clean and organized everyday
  6. Know how to use equipment before using it - ask if you don’t know
  7. Take time to practice your skills in order to earn your course credential