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THS Strength and Conditioning

My name is Garrett Mills, and I am here to help students reach their maximum potential while at Thomasville High School. We hold students to a high standard while participating in the weight room. Not only do I want to see students grow physically while taking my class, but I am also here to help mold and strengthen their minds. They will be pushed mentally and physically throughout the course, and by the end students will have learned many life lessons that they can carry with them. I bring ten years of experience in a strength and conditioning setting on the collegiate level, as well as the high school level, therefore I will be teaching students to perform correct habits and that safety is a must! I look forward to seeing the growth of all students that are interested in becoming a better person and strengthening their work habits. Go Bulldogs!   
All work can found on Canvas for distant learning. If there are any questions email me at Good Luck and stay safe.