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About Me

Hi all,
I am Mike McGuckin and here is a little about me. I graduated from Lee Davis High School in Mechanicsville, Virginia in 2013. During my years of high school I swam and played volleyball and I earned my Eagle Scout (which only 4% of the nation attains in Boy Scouts). I went to Old Dominion University and studied as a Sport Management Major and a Special Education Minor. During my time at Old Dominion University I swam and played volleyball on the club level. During this time I also earned a National Honor Medal for the Vigil Honor Ceremony the first from the Richmond, Virginia Area.  
During my senior year I completed a 400 hour internship at Kempsville High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia as a Student Activities Coordinator. After graduating in 2017, I sold discount tickets at the Macon Centreplex, in Macon Georgia, and continued to be involved in Boy Scouts. During my time in Georgia I took action to help the community grow as a whole by being the Council Activities and Civic Service Chairman.
Leaving Georgia in 2018, I accepted the CTE Position at Thomasville High School.
Hobbies include, Solving complex Math Problems, Researching about issues in the Sport Industry, 3D Printing, Building Metal Earth Kits, Spending time outdoors, and watching sports.
Since then, I am happy to call myself a Bulldog and cannot wait to see everyone!
Go Bulldogs!