Introduction to Mr. Banks Social Studies Classroom

Welcome to my page. If you have made it this far you are possibly aware that my name is Mr. Tanner Banks and that I am one of the social studies teachers at this school. I also have the wonderful opportunity to teach AP Language and Composition a well, a course that is much more connected to the study of history than one may think on first glance. My love for teaching and history has been a constant thing for me since middle school and after graduating from Appalachian state in Boone NC and working in a small specialized school I was given the opportunity to come and teach at Thomasville High School. 
Each of the pages for my classes has a link to the syllabus and class curriculum.
Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.
Due to our current pandemic we will be having classes remotely. This is not going to be all that odd compared to our normal classes or the web classes you may take in college. Each day will mostly be the same with a assignment uploaded to GoFormative or a SAS assignment that you will email to me. 
To get information about what assignments are due when (aside from your Excell sheets that have everything) we are going to be using Remind and Discord. 
I will be using Remind to send messages about what work we will be doing that day and when assignments are due. My Remind is Bankst and can be found under schools>Thomasville High School. EVERYONE should be signed up for remind. 
We will also be using Discord to talk during the "class sessions". You can download the app on your phones/computer or just go to After making a account click this link --> to go to the server for our class. Their are text channels to talk on as well as a voice channel so use something that has a microphone. 
Here is how the  class will be  scheduled

Remote Learning Student Daily Schedule


1st Block Assignments.


2nd  Block Assignments

11:15- 12:15

3rd Block Assignments.

12:15 - 1:15

4th  Block Assignments