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From the President

From the President

Hello Parents, Faculty and Staff!


On behalf of the board members and committee chairs- WELCOME BACK!


This is my 2nd year as the president of PTA. I am supported by faithful board members ready to serve you. Those members include: Sherrilyn Little (Vice President), Carolyn Ratliff ( Treasurer), Freda Tuttle (Secretary), Janet Riley-Wright( Auditor).


The following committees are in place to step up parent and community involvement:

  • Advocacy: Angela Whiteside
  • Hospitality: Maxine Brayboy Ashe
  • PTA POPS: Eddie Glenn
  • PTA Promoter: Kim Oliver
  • Teacher Liason/ Nominations: Sonya Merchant
  • Fundraising: Daryl Clark


The THS belief statement calls for parents and community to be actively involved in the education of children.  I welcome all those who will join this PTA body to walk into a new year, reaching out with new ideas and stand up with a new commitment to our students.


Parent Activity Night is set for the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the media center at 630-730. We will take the holiday months off (Nov, Dec, Jan). NCPTA membership is $10. The NC office receives $4 and $6 stays with the local PTA unit. The official budget will be uploaded after it is adopted at the first general body meeting.



Kelly Skeen Johnson