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The North Carolina Graduation Project (NCGP) was designed to reflect the learning processes our students have developed and allow them to demonstrate those skills by creating a multistep project on a topic of interest to them.  THS students complete the Graduation Project during their senior year.

In accordance with the new Common Core Standards and the district’s adoption of the Big 6 Information Skills, students learn the structure of the research process—defining, seeking, accessing, using, synthesizing, and evaluating.  As they progress through high school, students are expected to complete research projects in all subject areas and with an increasing level of complexity.  The senior Graduation Project is the culminating evidence of skills learned. 

The Graduation Project is aligned to the English IV curriculum and focuses on four components.  The first is theProduct which is designed to stretch students by encouraging them to create an innovative project in their field of interest.  An extension of the Product, the Research Paper allows students to delve deeper into one or two aspects of their topic.  Both the product and the paper topics are approved by the Graduation Project Committee.  The third step is the completion of the Portfolio which organizes all the pieces of the project into a tangible form.   The final step is the Presentation which takes place on Senior Board night where all the students present speeches about their projects including their aspirations, experiences, obstacles, and even mistakes made during the process. 

The Graduation Project Advisory Council continually works to improve the quality and substance of the Graduation Project and to make it relevant to the needs of our students.  As a result, many changes have been made this year, so please read and follow this handbook carefully.

Together, the components of the Graduation Project extend learning beyond the classroom and assist our students in becoming life-long learners who are involved, aware, and prepared.