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Research Databases

Databases are SEARCHABLE collections of sources on a wide range of topics.  They include magazine, journal, and newspaper articles, ebooks, charts and tables, images, sound and video clips, audiobooks, etc.
As a student in North Carolina, you have access to two main sites that contain multiple databases -- NC WiseOwl and NC Live.
NC Wiseowl
provided by the NC Department
of Public Instruction
NC Live
provided by the NC State Library System
Click on the image above to go to NC WiseOwl or type into your browser. Click on the image above to go to NC Live or type into your browser.
If you are on campus at THS, you can access everything on the site without a password.  If you are at home, you will need a password.  Ask Ms. Higgins or your teacher for the password. To access items on this site from school or home, you will need to login through the Davidson County Library by following these instructions (or click on the file in the right-hand sidebar).
Student Access program
The StudentAccess program gives you access to the public library and all of its resources free of charge.
Click on the picture on the left to go to the Davidson County Public Library NC Cardinal page and sign in.
Click on "My Account" in the upper right-hand corner to login.  Your login (library card number or username) is your student ID number and your password is the last 4 digits of your ID number.
You can access all of NC Live through this as well.