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Art Education With Mrs. Royal

Welcome to Art Education with Mrs. Royal.  
Welcome to THS Art where creativity, imagination, and innovation are celebrated daily.  Art is my passion and I am excited to share my knowledge of various art techniques with the students of Thomasville High School.  I am a proud alumnus of Thomasville High School.  I am also a graduate of Western Carolina University with a B.S.ED in Art. Since graduating from college in 2004 I have spent my entire career here at THS.  I am the 2015 Teacher of the Year for both THS and for Thomasville City Schools.  Here at Thomasville we currently offer four levels of art education: Beginning Art, Intermediate Art, Proficient Art, and Advanced Art.  Advanced Art can be repeated up to four times for those students passionate about art and considering continuing their education in art beyond high school; possibly an art career.  The additional courses are for portfolio building.  Thomasville High School offers a variety of after school clubs and organizations for THS students.  I personally serve as the adviser for the Art Club.  Art Club officially meets twice a week, however many students come together to work after school daily in the art room.  Students are offered extended work time in the art room on Mondays and Thursdays after school from 3:00-4:00pm.  I would like to personally invite you to view our students framed artwork on display in administration building hallways.  We also have several murals around campus designed and painted by the Art Club.  

Digital Learning Plans From Home


Beginning Art 1 = Link to Canvas Art 1 Assignments


Intermediate Art 2 = Link to Canvas Art 2 Assignments


Proficient Art 3 = Link to Canvas Art 3 Assignments


Advanced Art 4 = Link to Canvas Art 4 Assignments

Culinary Arts Mural
            Art Daily Schedule
 1st Semester                      2nd Semester
1st Block—Planning                          1st Block—Planning
2nd Block—Beginning Art              2nd Block—Intermediate Art
3rd Block—Proficient Art            3rd Block—Beginning Art

                       (2nd Lunch)                                           (2nd  Lunch)  

4th Block—Intermediate Art     4th Block—Proficient & Advanced Art



             After School Availability:

          Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

                  (Please confirm with Mrs. Royal

                   your intent to stay after school.)