THS Bulldogs Bringing Positivity to our School Campus

Mrs. Silvey,
On the heals and thrills of perfect ideals, the idea to bury negativity sprung forth out of the  Thomasville High School English Language Arts Department in Mr. Hudson's class. We conducted a cuss word survey and found out students were in agreement that negative words on campus hurts a positive academic environment. Thus, a request was sent out for students to help Mr. Hudson's classes bury negative words and phrases from THS Campus. After collecting over 100 sticky notes containing these negative comments, they were buried outside of English Hall in the grass. 
A Big Bulldog Shout Out to Col. Merkel and the JROTC Color Guard for helping us conclude this Mission, standing guard as XO Kara Wright the designer of The Bulldog Positivity Box, placed it above the burial site. 
Big Bulldog Shout out to you Mrs. Silvey, Mr. Andrichuk, and all of THS student body as well who participated. Please share the attached pics and a Big Bulldog Thank You to all our teammates for their support. Thanks again,
Mr. Hudson
12th Grade