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Digital Citizenship
Are you a good citizen when you use technology?  Do you know how to responsibly and safely use social media?  Do you tend to overshare?  Do you regularly check your privacy settings?  Are you or any of your friends the victim of cyberbullying?
Take a look at the short video below and then check out the links to other resources to learn more about protecting yourself and your friends and family online.
Take this quiz on cybersecurity to see how much you know:
Thinking about sexting?  Think again!  Read these stories about others who have done it and what happened.
Check out these resources for more information:

Breakout EDU - A great way to learn at THS
Breakout EDU is a hot new method of teaching that can be used in any content area. Teachers love the games because they are so engaging and build collaboration and problem-solving skills.  Students love them because they are fun and challenging!  (For more information about using Breakout EDU in the classroom, see Ms. Higgins or Mrs. Horne in the Media Center.)