Media Center

Digital Resources from the Library
Both the THS Media Center and the Davidson County Public Library offer many digital resources that can be accessed from home.  You can download audiobooks, ebooks, videos, magazines, and more.
The easiest place to get digital media while at home is from the North Carolina Digital Library.  Through the StudentAccess program, you have
access because you are a TCS student.  Besides your TCS Chromebook, you can read ebooks, listen to audiobooks, watch movies, etc. on other devices like tablets and cell phones, too.
See the PDF file below for instructions for accessing the North Carolina Digital Library.  Then keep on scrolling for even MORE resources!
Other Digital Resources for Students & Staff
For more academic resources, NC WiseOwl and NC Live are your "go to" sources.  Both contain tons of databases of ebooks, articles, photos, etc. that can be used for research on every topic.
To access NC WiseOwl from home, you need to have a password that cannot be posted publicly on this website.  To get the password, email Ms. Higgins and she will send it to you.
NC Wiseowl
NC WiseOwl has two main providers of research databases -- EBSCO and Gale.  Each has a variety of subject-specific databases that can be searched individually or several at a time.  Which one you use depends on what you are looking for and which interface you prefer.
To find out which databases are available in each, click on the links below.
EBSCO Databases Gale Resources
EBSCO Gale Cengage
EBSCO Discovery
Click on the picture above to go to a page that has EBSCO Discover on it.  You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page to get to it.
Gale Powersearch
Click on the picture above to go to Gale's PowerSearch.
Student Access program
The StudentAccess program gives you access to the public library and all of its resources free of charge.
Click on the picture on the left to go to the Davidson County Public Library NC Cardinal page and sign in.
Click on "My Account" in the upper right-hand corner to login.  Your login (library card number or username) is your student ID number and your password is the last 4 digits of your ID number.
NC Live
NC Live is an online collection of databases provided through the North Carolina public library system and is a nice compliment to NC WiseOwl because it provides access to different databases.  You can login directly to NC Live with your StudentAccess login.
If you have any questions or trouble accessing these sites, email Ms. Higgins.