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Our school partners with OnToCollege to strengthen our students’ college and career readiness culture through effective test prep (grades 6-12) and college counseling tools. Together, our mission is to help create two- and four-year college graduates with minimal debt.


OnToCollege video test prep courses have a proven track record of increasing ACT/SAT scores and scholarship dollars for students. We will offer the course in school leading up to the test. Students can also use any of the additional resources on the website. These include additional subject prep, practice questions, quizzes, full length tests, and more test-taking strategies.


It’s our goal to maximize our students’ chances to get into their best-fit college at the lowest cost and become a college graduate with minimal debt. To get started, log in at


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College Counseling: We also offer valuable college counseling resources to students and families through OnToCollege. These include middle school to senior year checklists. college comparison guides, academic resumes, and more. All these resources are geared to help students and families make the best financial and academic decisions.


American College Test

  • Four curriculum-based tests measure academic achievement in: English, Math, Reading, Natural Sciences, Writing (optional).
  • Tests are based on/oriented toward areas of secondary/postsecondary instructional programs.
  • Fee waivers available; see your counselor.
  • REGISTER EARLY-at least six weeks before test. Check brochures for deadlines. Late fees-$21.00 / Standby - $41.00.
  • Study guides in Counselor’s Office.
  • Good time to take ACT: Spring –junior year.



  • Read by composite score (sum of all tests) Score range 1--36.
  • 2/3 of students make 12---24.
  • 17---options limited.
  • ++27--competitive anywhere.
  • Mean composite score—19.
  • Scores based on right answers; no penalty for guessing.
  • ACT accepted by most, but not all colleges/universities.
Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test

Test can be taken by sophomores and juniors.
  • Short version of SAT.
  • Determines National Merit Scholars for junior test takers.
  • Customized performance report, item analysis, and actual test booklet.
  • Get a predicted SAT score.
  • Register through your high school. See Mrs. Foster.
  • Given once a year in the fall.
  • Missed the test? Sign up for regular SAT given seven times during the year.
  • High achieving college bound? Hoping for scholarships? Take PSAT.     
  • Three major scholarship programs – National Merit Scholarships, National Achievement Awards for Outstanding African American students, National Hispanic Scholars Recognition – use PSAT to determine scholarship winners.
  • Test booklet – valuable asset – study/review problematic questions.                            


Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

  • Test Fee $57 per test
  • Three hour exams given on campus in May (registration in March).
  • Given to students who have completed AP courses or have excellent subject mastery.
  • Certain scores may earn college credit .


What are Advanced Placement Courses?

  • AP courses prepare students for the “rigors” of college coursework. Many colleges allow students to use high AP scores to fulfill course requirements in college.

 How May I earn college credit?

  • Check with prospective colleges about AP policies—some grant credit, some do not. Go
  • Type in the school you wish to research; read about their AP policy.
  • Once coursework is complete, take the AP exam for that subject. Tests are scored on a scale from 1-5.
  • Generally, a score of 3,4 or higher earns college credit.

 What are the benefits of taking AP classes?

  • Explore challenging college-level coursework,
  • Improve college applications, Admissions recognizes work/commitment required by AP Courses, earn college credit which allows you to graduate college earlier and save $$$.



Scholastic Aptitude Test

  • College admissions test--College Board.
  • Three hour and 45 minute test, three sections: critical reading/math/writing.
  •  Fee waivers available; see your counselor.
  • Register early-at least six weeks before test.
  • Check deadlines!! Late fee--$24.00; $41.00 dollars additional standby fee.
  • Good time to take the SAT: Spring of junior year and/or October of senior year. Not satisfied with your score as a junior? Retest in the fall of senior year. 



  • Average Critical Reading score is 500.
  • Average Math score is 500.
  • Scores below 400 lower your options.
  • Scores range 200-800 for each section.
  • 600’s and above increase your options.
  • Writing 200-800, multiple choice sub-score.